WATCH: Check Out This Quick Walk-Around of a Fully Autonomous Racing Car

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Jonathan Gladbach
Jonathan Gladbach
Check out this walkthrough of a fully autonomous racing car by Gary Passon, AI Racing Tech, from the University of California Berkeley ROAR team, during the Indy Autonomous Challenge during CES 2024 held this past January in Las Vegas. Being the official navigation technology partner for the IAC event was thrilling!

Originally designed for human drivers, these race cars have been ingeniously modified for full autonomy, with no human intervention from the pit to the track. Gary walks through the sophisticated components that make this possible: from 360-degree LIDAR systems and fisheye lens cameras to advanced radar units and precision GPS navigation.

The IAC has been working with Point One through use of our ATLAS INS system, which helps measure where the car is on the track with a GNSS signal corrected by RTK – a process that happens over 50 times a second!

We’re thrilled about our partnership with the IAC and look forward to many great years ahead of building the world’s best autonomous race cars, together.

Watch the video to learn more about how these elements integrate to sense the car’s surroundings, plan its path, and execute movements with incredible accuracy, all powered by a high-performance computing system. Then, contact us to find out how Point One’s tech can work for your autonomous and robotics needs.

Jonathan Gladbach
Jonathan Gladbach

Jonathan is Head of Marketing at Point One Navigation. His passion for data and experiment driven growth marketing have guided his career in fields including wearables, iOT, and precision location.

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