Point One builds brings together extensive expertise in navigation, security, safety, automation, and robotics to build complete position and navigation solutions from prototype to product.


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features for safe, efficient, and convenient vehicles start with accurate location knowledge to build lane-level navigation, provide situational awareness, and access detailed map features for driver convenience.

Delivery and Logistics

Shared personal mobility requires location accuracy and availability but also requires the location system to be reliable, safe, and cost-aware for scale.


Precision location improves efficiency, routing, and consistency. Useful for first and last mile operations, as well as compliance and auditing. FusionEngine provides not only accuracy but also consistency even in the most challenging GNSS environments.


Modern autonomous systems need accurate location in absolute coordinate frames to enable robust mapping, navigation, calibration, and collaboration. Point One FusionEngine and Polaris corrections provide consistent positioning and Point One Development Kits make starting a project simple, with enough features and options to support rapid development and easy scaling.


Starting new projects is simple and straightforward using Point One’s Development Kits, support software, documentation, and libraries. Point One’s web portal makes accessing Polaris corrections simple and seamless even when moving around frequently.