Effortlessly add survey-grade precision to your products

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Powered by the world’s most advanced global RTK network

Gain instant global access

  • A global network of fully managed, monitored, and surveyed reference stations
  • Network available in 35 countries

Create recurring revenue streams

  • Resell Polaris RTK at a profit to your customers
  • Predictable, fixed costs create predictable margins

Create a global, plug and play product solution

  • Customers don’t have to find and buy their own RTK service
  • Eliminate the need for customers setting up NTRIP on their own
  • Create a differentiated product from your competitors

Reduce your support costs

  • Eliminate support calls troubleshooting customer 
NTRIP logins and connectivity

Provision, manage, & observe devices in real time

  • Legacy RTK networks are opaque and impossible to troubleshoot. 
  • Point One’s GraphQL API gives you real-time visibility into device connectivity status, location, and key troubleshooting signals.

Designed from the ground up for precision at scale

  • 1,400+ fully managed, monitored & surveyed reference stations across 36 countries
  • Stations designed, manufactured and deployed by Point One Navigation
  • Global RTK corrections with ITRF2014 and automatic local datums
    • NAD83
    • ETRS89
    • NZGD2000
    • GDA2020
    • JGD2011
    • KGD2002
  • Cm-level accuracy, 100 times more accurate than GNSS
  • < 5 seconds convergence time
  • 99.99% RTK network uptime
  • On-demand coverage expansion to meet your needs

Instant integration

  • No libraries to learn. No infrastructure to set up.
  • Point One customers typically integrate with our API in the same day
  • With Point One Nav’s GraphQL API, you make a single request, to a single endpoint, asking only for the data you want. The API returns plain, well-formed JSON data that you can use natively without an intermediate datastore or application.


"Integration of Polaris' location was trivial. Getting data was easy. For context - it was far easier than integrating our payment gateway into our mobile applications"
Larry Fox
VP of Marketing & BD, Bad Elf
"Point One made it fast and easy to provide RTK corrections to our drone pilots. After reviewing all the competition we chose Point One due to the ease of integration, accuracy, and cost.”
James Pipe
VP of Product • DroneDeploy
"Having evaluated a number of competing technologies, Point One’s technology is a standout both in terms of performance and cost for scalable driverless fleet needs.”
Ain McKendrick
CEO • Faction
"Point One made it easy to register my device and quickly access their wide network of multi-constellation base stations.”
Riley Pugh

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