Examples, tutorials, data sheets and API references to help you start building with Point One.


Bypass the complexity of legacy REST APIs and integrate precision location into your products swiftly and efficiently.


Documentation on Point One’s GraphQL API.

Development Kit

The Standard Dev Kit is a cost effective entry point into high precision positioning and provides a rapid path to mass production.

Web Store

Purchase development kits and antennas.


Documentation on specification and operation of the development kit, including mechanical dimensions, pinouts, firmware upgrade procedures, and other useful information.


Most recent Point One firmware releases for our Standard Dev Kit. Use Point One Desktop to update your Dev Kit’s firmware.

Application Notes

Point One Desktop

A configuration tool and data view for Point One development kits. Use Point One Desktop application to view position data, connect Polaris corrections, and update Standard Dev Kit firmware.

Device Interface and Command Line Tools

Tools for configuring and controlling Development Kits from a host computer via a command line interface, for updating the bootloader, and for updating firmware.

USB Interface Drivers

Reference System

The Atlas Inertial Navigation System (INS) is our flagship platform built with automotive grade sensors and provides the highest performance offering in our portfolio.

Web Store

Purchase an Atlas Inertial Navigation System as well as additional antennas and cables.

System Documentation

Documentation for configuration and calibration, interfaces, specification, drawing, and references for using the Atlas system.


FusionEngine is our core Sensor Fusion library. These documents make it easy to integrate with any hardware running FusionEngine, including our development kits.

Protocol Specification

This document details the line protocol, data types, and message types used for FusionEngine. It is strongly recommended to use our existing client libraries below.

Client Library

This reference library implements the protocol and provides examples for decoding the messages and receiving the data over TCP and UDP sockets.

Cloud Software

Polaris is our cloud based correction service for both GNSS and Climate data. Use this API for getting correction data to your GNSS receiver including our development kits, our Certified Partner chips, or other standards compliant GNSS receivers. It works with our Polaris binary protocol or industry standard NTRIP for legacy applications.

Online Polaris Access Portal

Purchase corrections services and manage devices via the Point One Web Portal.

Polaris Native API Examples

To get you started quickly, we have several example projects showing how to get correction data from our service and into a compatible device. Examples are available in many languages.