Ground truth, in real time.

Ditch the clunky post-processing workflows and get your location data right from the source. The Atlas Inertial Navigation System (INS) combines best-in-class hardware with RTK and Sensor Fusion to deliver ground truth precision right from the box. All at a price that allows you to put them in every car/truck/robot in your fleet.

The Best-in-Class INS

As the first scalable INS with real-time, cm-accurate position in x, y, z, and attitude, Atlas is enabling new applications in autonomy, robotics, and mapping. It’s the world’s most advanced positioning hardware, engine, and RTK network in a single package.

Every car in your fleet

Atlas is priced aggressively so you can outfit every car in your fleet with an Inertial Navigation System.

Ditch the post-processing

Ditch the complicated and clunky post-processing workflows and get accurate data right from the device.

A UI that you’ll love

Atlas uses a modern web UI and is equipped with on-device and ethernet based streaming of data.

Technical Specifications

Integrated UI and REST API control interface

Multifrequency high-precision GNSS receiver
Automotive grade (ASIL-B) IMU with 6 Axis Gyro/Accelerometer
64-bit Low-Power ARM Dual Processor Architecture

Multi frequency GNSS antenna with mag-mount, RF and USB Cabling

Configurable IO including PPS and event output

No desktop software required. Ever.

100Hz Position Update Rate with 6DOF output over Ethernet

CAN and wheel encoder vehicle odometry inputs

A Complete, Pre-integrated, & Localized Solution

Free Polaris RTK

Our corrections network measures common error sources to GNSS and transmits corrections straight to the Atlas. Pre-configured Atlas devices get Polaris free for 6 months.

Atlas UI

Simple plug and play setup with remote access configuration, control, and data logging. Easy to install and self-calibrating.

Fusion Engine

Best in class sensor fusion algorithms combine data from Atlas’ IMU, GNSS, Wheel odometry, and other sensors for highly accurate, highly available location.

Atlas in Action

Easy installation and self calibrating. See the Atlas in action here.

Moving Autonomy Forward

Autonomous Vehicles

Robotic Engineering

Mapping and Photogrammetry