WATCH: Point One Navigation Unleashes Their High-Precision Technology in 180+ MPH Autonomous Race Cars

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Jonathan Gladbach
Jonathan Gladbach

In January 2024, the world’s fastest autonomous racing cars  – equipped with Point One Navigation’s cutting-edge Real-Time Kinematic, Polaris RTK –  whipped around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway during the Indy Autonomous Challenge at CES. 

Our centimeter-level accuracy corrections technology powered each of the world’s fastest autonomous cars.

And the excitement was palpable. 

In the video, notice the reactions from the students participating in the challenge and the technologists and mentors to this year’s teams – especially about the ease of implementing and using Point One’s precision navigation.

You’ll also hear what’s behind the mission from our CEO Aaron Nathan, and see proof of how competitions like this build the future of autonomous driving.

Jonathan Gladbach
Jonathan Gladbach

Jonathan is Head of Marketing at Point One Navigation. His passion for data and experiment driven growth marketing have guided his career in fields including wearables, iOT, and precision location.

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