Best-in-class hardware, unbeatable GNSS accuracy

Get cm-accurate location data, on reliable Septentrio hardware. Point One’s Polaris provides RTK corrections to the Septentrio Mosaic chipsets, now easily purchasable as a development kit

Hyper Accurate Location without the Hassle

Purchase a Septentrio module

Buy our development kit or bring your own. Point One is compatible with the Mosaic chipset.

Connect it to Polaris

Get started in a matter of minutes with the Point One web and desktop applications.

Enjoy cm-accurate location

GNSS + Corrections, in a small package

Our Development kits have everything you need to get started with GNSS Corrections. Contains carrier and interface PCBA to expose RF, data, and power for a Septentrio Mosaic-X5 GNSS receiver.

  • Works with Point One Polaris RTK corrections network (RTCM 3.1)
  • Multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS receiver (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZNS, SBAS, EGNOS)
  • Start with a no-commitment trial account

GNSS Receiver, RTK, IMU

The Atlas is Point One’s standalone reference-quality position and navigation system. It contains GNSS + RTK corrections, plus a full inertial navigation system.

  • Centimeter level position accuracy
  • Compatible with Point One’s Polaris RTK network and FusionEngine sensor fusion, GNSS, IMU, odometry
  • Get started in 5 minutes with self-service developer tools and a no-commitment trial account.

Need in Bulk?

Are you working at the scale of hundreds or thousands of devices? Talk to our sales team to get bulk pricing.

Why Point One Wins

Most Accurate Positioning
Point One is built on advanced algorithms for sensor fusion and the most modern infrastructure available, resulting in centimeter-level location data that is more accurate in more places.
Reliable Position Solutions
Sensor fusion robustness provides accurate positioning even in challenging environments, and Polaris network coverage and reliability ensures a precision solution is available in more places, always.
Fast to Implement, Simple to Integrate
Point One development kits get you started using FusionEngine and Polaris immediately, and are built to easily interface with your system using our code libraries and example programs.
Built for Scale

We offer our hardware configurations as reference designs, and partnerships with module manufacturers who can deliver at production scale.

Our network and services are built on modern, secure, and smoothly scalable infrastructure.

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