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Mark Wilkerson
Mark Wilkerson

Point One Navigation Announces Polaris™ Location Services in South Korea

SAN FRANCISCO, California — Precision positioning platform Point One Navigation announced today that their Polaris™ Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) location network is now available in South Korea. The network is available to deliver centimeter-accurate location services to businesses and application developers who want pinpoint location data for their projects in the region.

The Polaris™ network will provide comprehensive coverage throughout S. Korea. Existing Polaris customers are able to utilize the S. Korea integration immediately.

Polaris: Centimeter-Accurate GNSS

Point One’s Polaris™ is an RTK corrections network that enables centimeter-level accurate GNSS positioning. The Polaris™ system delivers accuracy from 10 cm to 1 cm, even in challenging environments like urban canyons and occluded sky-views. Standard GNSS systems observe position uncertainty from sources such as atmospheric signal delay, satellite orbit variation, clock drift, and signal multipath. The Polaris™ network uses additional sources of information from compact base stations, greatly reducing position uncertainty.

Point One Nav FusionEngine software further integrates inertial measurement, wheel odometry and additional sensors to achieve the desired level of precision in the complete absence of satellite signals.

The Polaris™ network, with FusionEngine software, delivers cost-effective precision location services for autonomy and robotics applications. Polaris™ supports all major GNSS constellations and has an extremely dense global network of base stations that cover the United States, Europe, New Zealand, S. Korea, and parts of Canada, Australia. The network supports all modern navigation signals, maximizing compatibility and performance with all devices.

GraphQL-based API

Developers can integrate the Polaris™ RTK network and FusionEngine software using the robust and standardized GraphQL API.

It now takes only a few minutes to integrate Polaris RTK into developer-built applications with the robust GraphQL API. The Polaris™ RTK network can be built into demanding applications, including Industrial Autonomy, Precision Agriculture, Logistics and Delivery, Robots and ADAS.

For more information about the Polaris™ RTK network, visit https://pointonenav.com/polaris

About Point One

Point One Navigation is a team of engineers, scientists, and designers with decades of experience in autonomous vehicle technology, specifically in the context of precision navigation, including previous founders of Cornell’s DARPA Urban Challenge Team from and staff from prestigious companies and research institutions including Coherent Navigation (now part of Apple), Rockwell Collins, JPL, MDA, MITRE, Trimble, Qualcomm, Google, Ford, and Uber with the primary directive of overcoming contemporary navigational challenges by combining best-in-class hardware with smart algorithms and emerging technologies in the field, resulting in the development and launch of innovative products such as the RTK Corrections Network, Polaris, an Inertial Navigation System known as Atlas and GraphQL API, which provides unprecedented observability for GNSS powered devices, all of which exceed the precision and range of their nearest competitors.

Point One Press Contact

Mark Wilkerson
Mark Wilkerson

Mark is Point One's Product Manager. He's a veteran engineer & technical leader with more than 30 years experience in large, distributed, and embedded applications.

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