The Builder Nation Podcast – Beyond GPS: how Point One Navigation’s Polaris network is taking location data to the next level

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Aaron Nathan
Aaron Nathan

Aaron Nathan, CEO & CTO at Point One Navigation, joins Builder Nation’s Podcast host Elisa Muñoz to share his experiences as a leader in the technology industry and the insights he has gained from his broad expertise with cutting-edge robotics and critical software/hardware development.

This interview was brought to you by BuilderNation, the community of Hardware leaders developing world-changing products, and sponsored by ControlHub, the purchasing software for hardware companies.

At Point One Navigation, we’re proud to be part of the dynamic and ever-expanding technology industry, which has transformed how we work and live. This industry includes companies and organizations researching, developing, producing, and distributing various technological products and services across fields like electronics, software, internet services, telecommunications, and biotechnology.

Thanks to our innovative technologies like precise geolocation, our company is crucial in advancing this industry. We offer services to various sectors, enabling progress and innovation in multiple applications.

This blog post explores the technology industry, specifically geolocation technology, and how Point One Navigation contributes to its growth and development.

Tech Industry: from the telephone to geolocation technology and beyond

The tech industry has a rich history, starting with inventions such as the telephone and radio that revolutionized communication. Since then, it has undergone rapid evolution, with milestones such as the creation of the first computer, the internet, and smartphones.

These inventions opened up new possibilities for businesses, individuals, and entire industries, increasing efficiency, productivity, and new opportunities. The internet, in particular, is a significant milestone transforming how we do business, communicate, and access services. It has paved the way for emerging technologies such as AIblockchain, and IoT.

These technologies enable companies to streamline operations, create secure and transparent transactions, and develop new products and services that were once impossible.

In addition, the industry has seen significant advancements in geolocation technology and APIs. Geolocation technology uses satellite signals to determine precise locations, providing more accurate location-based services and data.

On the other hand, APIs are essential tools for software development, enabling developers to build applications that interact with other software and improve the user experience.

Revolutionizing the geolocation industry: Point One Navigation

In a recent interview, Aaron Nathan, our CEO & CTO, shared valuable insights on how our geolocation technology is transforming the robotics industry. Our precision location stack makes it easy for companies to build production-grade products, offering accurate and reliable location data, even in challenging environments where other products fail.

Our innovative technology allows customers to operate confidently, opening up new possibilities for automation and efficiency in the robotics industry. We’re proud to be a leading company in the geolocation technology industry, offering our expertise and products to revolutionize how businesses operate.

During the interview, Aaron also emphasized how the industry increasingly focuses on limited autonomy to enhance road safety, making driving more secure and convenient. And how we provide Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to the automotive sector, allowing drivers to navigate safely even in challenging conditions with accurate and reliable position data.

Our impact extends beyond the automotive sector, with benefits for delivery, personal mobility, and robotics industries. Our class-leading accuracy and consistency improves routing performance and efficiency for delivery and logistics companies. We offer cost-effective and compliant location solutions for personal mobility services, ensuring accessible vehicle location and compliance with operating speeds in different areas.

Our FusionEngine and Polaris corrections network provide precise location data in a safe and easily integrated system, making it ideal for robotics applications. At Point One Navigation, we’re proud to offer our innovative geolocation technology to different industries, empowering businesses to operate confidently and efficiently.

Reliable solutions for safe and efficient systems

At Point One Navigation, we understand the significance of reliable and efficient systems for businesses to operate confidently. During the interview, Aaron emphasized the crucial role of software in creating functional designs and our commitment to collaborating with hardware vendors to boost accuracy and performance.

We prioritize software development over hardware to accelerate adoption and foster partnerships with hardware vendors, enabling us to provide innovative geolocation technology solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

Moreover, we offer a range of high-quality solutions to help our customers quickly and efficiently build reliable and safe systems. We understand the importance of seamless integration with existing systems and provide open-source hardware quickly adapted to mass-production applications, making it more convenient for our customers to use our products.

Our tools and APIs simplify integration with rich documentation and easy-to-use tools running on multiple operating systems. Our central dashboard provides immediate insights into the health of devices, simplifying device management.

In addition, the developer kits can quickly get customers started, allowing them to focus on creating the best possible system for their application.

Point One Navigation’s hardware partners and reference designs make it easy to scale to safety-critical systems, offering options for multiple markets that are tested and integrated with Point One systems.

Point One Navigation FAQs

When it comes to geolocation, it’s natural to have many questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about us!

  • What is Precision GNSS, and how does Point One use it? Precision GNSS systems use additional information sources to reduce uncertainty a few centimeters, as opposed to the sources of uncertainty in standard GNSS systems. Polaris network provides the additional information needed to achieve high precision.
  • What products already integrate Point One? The technology has already been integrated into various products, including series production automobiles, consumer electronics, and autonomous vehicle prototypes.
  • What is RTK, and how does it relate to Point One? RTK stands for Real Time Kinematics, a method for removing sources of error familiar to a fixed base station and a roving GNSS system. The Polaris corrections network is used to provide RTK, which requires survey accuracy of base location, quality of sky view at the base location, and distance between base and rover.
  • Can I use Polaris corrections with a non-Point One system? Yes, it is an NTRIP RTK network, so non-Point One systems can access it using standard NTRIP protocol. Access credentials and documentation are available on our website.
  • What is the difference between Polaris and NTRIP corrections? Both Polaris and NTRIP are methods for delivering network RTK corrections. Still, Polaris provides additional layers of security and reliability by using secure connection methods for both authentication and transport of RTK corrections data.
Aaron Nathan
Aaron Nathan

Aaron is an entrepreneur and technical leader with over two decades of experience in robotics and software/hardware development. He has deep domain experience in sensor fusion, computer vision, navigation, and embedded systems, specifically in the context of robotic applications.

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