WATCH: The Ins-and-Outs of Self-Driving Cars, Mapping and Vision

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Lucas McKenna
Lucas McKenna

During Epitech University’s Innovation Days, our own Lucas Mckenna comprehensively covers Point One Navigation’s role in advancing autonomous driving technologies during a presentation to Epitech University in Paris, France.

Lucas begins with an overview of our company’s foundation, highlighting the diverse expertise of our core team in the aerospace, military and commercial sectors, and the focus then shifts to our technological innovations, including:

  • The Polaris RTK network which enhances GPS accuracy for autonomous vehicles, and
  • The Fusion Engine, which integrates various data sources for improved navigation

Lucas also introduces VMAP, a computer vision based approach to localization as a solution for navigating complex environments where RTK and GNSS may not be enough. His presentation concludes with an overview of Point One’s product offerings, including our Atlas and Saturn devices, which are aimed at making high-precision positioning more accessible for more people across different industries.

Lucas ends with a Q&A session where he addresses the practical applications and future directions of our precision positioning technologies.

Lucas McKenna
Lucas McKenna

Lucas is a software engineer specializing in robotics, computer vision, and C++ programming. His focus on autonomous vehicles reflects a commitment to shaping a future where intelligent machines navigate efficiently and safely.

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