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Aaron Nathan
Aaron Nathan

Point One expands high precision location network to aid in emergency call, first responder, fitness and gaming applications

Point One Navigation, a leader in precise location technology, today announced the enhancement of its proprietary network and cloud service to include pressure sensor corrections for accurate user altitude determination. Point One’s correction service enables 10cm horizontal position accuracy and now helps developers and device manufacturers dramatically enhance vertical position accuracy in multi-story buildings, highways and tunnels.

Point One’s network is unmatched in its scale, performance and value. The proprietary, wholly owned network was built from the ground up and uses the latest in base station technology to deliver continuous position and climate monitoring. It is also the first nationwide network that tracks all modern GNSS satellite constellations, leading to industry-best accuracy and confidence. The network provides superior station density in areas where customers need it the most, including urban centers and surrounding suburban areas. Point One’s deployment of over 900 base stations in the continental US enables cold convergence times of under 10 seconds – the fastest of any network solution available. In addition, Point One leveraged its vast lease partnerships with access to over 5,000 locations for base station deployment on demand to further optimize coverage in dense urban centers.

To meet the challenge of providing superior vertical position accuracy, Point One integrated the most advanced pressure sensors available into its innovative base station design. These pressure sensors provide the highest class of measurement accuracy, meeting the requirements for FAA Class A meteorological performance. Point One delivers pressure corrections as part of a full REST-based API to suit customers’ needs. Using absolute barometric pressure perfectly complements methods relying on WiFi or cellular mapping, providing accurate user height in a wider variety of use cases.

“Point One’s highly adaptable network and cloud service provides a precise location API for any device with any operating system. We are excited to enter the vertical location market and apply our precise location expertise to a new application. By using advanced sensors in our network, we can help device manufacturers transform low cost barometric pressure sensors into an accurate source of vertical location information.”

Aaron Nathan, CEO, Point One Navigation

Aaron Nathan
Aaron Nathan

Aaron is an entrepreneur and technical leader with over two decades of experience in robotics and software/hardware development. He has deep domain experience in sensor fusion, computer vision, navigation, and embedded systems, specifically in the context of robotic applications.

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