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Jonathan Gladbach
Jonathan Gladbach

Polaris Precise Positioning Network Expands to Great Britain

We’re excited to announce that Polaris RTK network is now available in all of Great Britain! This marks another significant milestone in our ongoing mission to bringing precise location everywhere.

Ordnance Survey (OS net)’s base stations are now a part of the Polaris Network to bring a new level of accuracy, precision, reliability and interoperability to the UK. Affordable, accurate and reliable precise location are now available within this region, creating a huge potential waiting to be unlocked by application developers in ADAS, robotics and mapping, among others. 

Polaris: an ever-expanding network that brings cm-accurate GNSS everywhere

Point One’s Polaris™ is an innovative RTK corrections network that enables cm-level accurate GNSS positioning. Polaris has recently extended coverage to now include the UK, further expanding the reach of its global RTK network which includes the entire United States, EU, Australia, Canada and now the UK. This global service works seamlessly across all major markets. 

Existing Polaris customers are able to utilize the UK integration immediately, at no additional cost. 

A complete, integrated location platform for accurate cost-effective drones, robotics, and ADAS applications

This technology is complemented by our FusionEngine software, which further integrates inertial measurement, wheel odometry, and additional sensors to achieve the desired level of precision, even in the complete absence of satellite signals. 

Point One’s FusionEngine software and Polaris RTK is the ultimate combination for safe, cost-effective autonomy and robotics applications. Polaris supports all major GNSS constellations and has an extremely dense global network of base stations, increasing precision and providing fast acquisition time in more places. The network supports all modern navigation signals, maximizing compatibility and performance with all devices. 

Application development made easy with GraphQL-based API

It now takes only a few minutes to integrate Polaris RTK into developer-built applications with the robust GraphQL API. You can now integrate RTK into demanding applications, including Industrial Autonomy, Precision Agriculture, Logistics and Delivery, Robots and ADAS.

For more information about the Polaris Product visit https://pointonenav.com/polaris

Jonathan Gladbach
Jonathan Gladbach

Jonathan is Head of Marketing at Point One Navigation. His passion for data and experiment driven growth marketing have guided his career in fields including wearables, iOT, and precision location.

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