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Aaron Nathan
Aaron Nathan

Faction Selects Point One Navigation to Help Guide its Autonomous B2B Delivery Fleets

San Francisco, CA – Faction, an innovator in self-driving micro-logistics and vehicle-on-demand transportation, is partnering with Point One Navigation, a leader in precise positioning technology, to bring right-sized driverless delivery and transportation solutions to the mass market.

Faction’s DriveLink™ platform deeply integrates Point One’s safe positioning technology with reliable centimeter-level absolute accuracy, enabling trustworthy and efficient autonomous operations across the entire fleet. Faction is accelerating the commercial deployment of its B2B autonomous delivery service by leveraging three-wheel production electric vehicles which are purpose-built for driverless fleet services and supported by teleoperation.

Faction’s innovative driverless technology platform addresses the rapidly growing demand for reliable, cost-effective and scalable last-mile enterprise delivery services and shared mobility. By combining autonomy with remote human supervision, Faction’s vehicle fleets are available now for business delivery use and are not waiting for the development of 100% autonomous technology.

Point One’s precise location API is a trusted full stack solution built on proprietary self-calibrating sensor fusion algorithms. Highly accurate and trustworthy positioning is a fundamental requirement for safe and effective operation across all areas of autonomous mobility and transportation. Point One’s intuitive APIs and open-source protocols integrate data from existing sensors on the vehicle, reducing production cost and simplifying vehicle design. Driverless applications are further enabled by Point One’s corrections network, which provides dense coverage across the entire continental US. The result is a system that can be quickly developed to navigate and operate safely with a high level of confidence, while also being flexible and scalable for volume production

“Having evaluated a number of competing technologies, Point One’s technology is a standout both in terms of performance and cost for scalable driverless fleet needs.”

Ain McKendrick, Faction CEO

“We are proud to be working with a partner such as Faction who is pioneering the commercialization of driverless micro-logistics and mobility. The team at Faction is solving a real challenge, combining technical innovation with practical solutions for the quickly evolving moving world.”

Aaron Nathan, CEO and Co-founder, Point One Navigation.

For more information on Point One’s precise location technology, please contact sales@pointonenav.com

About Faction

Faction Technology, Inc. is a Silicon Valley startup that develops driverless solutions based on light electric vehicles. Founded in February 2020, Faction is on a mission to revolutionize micro-logistics and vehicle-on-demand. The company believes the future of sustainable transportation is to develop driverless vehicles that are safe, cost-effective, and right-sized to serve a range of use cases for both business and passenger transportation needs. For more information visit www.faction.us

Aaron Nathan
Aaron Nathan

Aaron is an entrepreneur and technical leader with over two decades of experience in robotics and software/hardware development. He has deep domain experience in sensor fusion, computer vision, navigation, and embedded systems, specifically in the context of robotic applications.

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