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How our location service works

Point One’s Correction Service and Sensor Fusion allow for a much higher degree of accuracy and availability than GNSS-alone for demanding applications.


Our corrections network measures common error sources to GNSS and transmits corrections to your device over API. It's highly accurate location, with comprehensive coverage in the US and Europe -- 1400 stations and counting!

Sensor Fusion

Combine data from your IMU, corrected-GNSS, wheel odometry, and other sensors to improve the availability and accuracy of your location.

Our hardware or yours, your choice

Get affordable dev kits to get you started and modules to help you scale. Or, if you have your own hardware preferences, we work with most common GNSS providers and can provide NTRIP corrections to most common chipsets.

Best In Class Developer Tools

Easily pull location data or history from our API. Use our Desktop App to simplify your development workflow

Why Point One Wins

  • Point One is built on advanced algorithms for sensor fusion and the most modern infrastructure available, resulting in centimeter-level location data that is more accurate in more places.

Birds-eye view of crossing roads


Having evaluated a number of competing technologies, Point One’s technology is a standout both in terms of performance and cost for scalable driverless fleet needs.

Ain McKendrick

CEO, Faction Technology, Inc


The LG69T-AM, together with Point One’s FusionEngine and Polaris, brings a truly game-changing solution to the market.

Mark Murray

Vice President of Sales for GNSS and Automotive at Quectel Wireless Solutions

We are thrilled to work with Point One’s technical expertise and execution to advance this technology to the next level of precision.

Dr. Yang Zhao


With multi-constellation support, we maximize integrity and availability while delivering a cost-effective combined solution. We are excited to bring this cutting-edge service to our customers using Point One’s technology.

Larry Fox

VP Marketing and Business Development, Bad Elf

We are pleased to be collaborating with an innovator such as Point One and the use of Atlas featuring Fusion Engine leverages the best-in-class performance of the SCHA600 IMU and integrates with GNSS and perception sensors to deliver robust and accurate positioning for vehicle autonomy.

Nithin Narayanan

Senior Manager Mobility Business Development, Murata Americas

Their thorough understanding of high-precision GNSS integrated with computer vision in a novel way offers a unique approach to solving the challenges in building safe solutions for increasingly autonomous vehicles.

Neil Vancans

VP of Global Sales, Septentrio