Point One Web Portal: Creating a New User Account and Setting Up Corrections

Register a User Account

  1. Visit the Point One web portal new account registration page https://app.pointonenav.com/register
  2. Create account with your email address, or connect a Google or GitHub account
  3. Confirm email address using the link sent to your email address
  4. Select account type for first device (Trial, Month, Year)
  5. Enter payment information (for Month and Year subscriptions), then click on the Subscribe button
  6. Complete the Checkout process

Create a Device to Receive GNSS Corrections

  1. Visit the Device page https://app.pointonenav.com/devices and create a new Device using the ‘Add Device’ button
  2. The device represents a set of credentials to access the Point One GNSS corrections network
  3. Input a name for the new evice, then click the Create button
  4. Select the new device from the Devices table to view Credentials (UsernamePassword) for accessing the Point One NTRIP server, as well as the server address and port
  5. You can view the Point One corrections network coverage from the Map page https://app.pointonenav.com/map
  6. You can view your device’s position when it is active from the map view, and view information about Connection status and Last Activity from the Devices page