Getting Started with the Point One Standard Development Kit

Create a Point One account

Visit the Point One online portal to create an account for corrections network credentials.

Full tutorial for account creation and credential setup here:

Create a Device item for NTRIP corrections

Visit to create an account and then a device

Download the Point One Desktop application

Go to the Point One Desktop section of the Developers page

Add your Dev Kit to Point One Desktop

View Dev Kit Position in Point One Desktop

Connect to the Dev Kit with the Plug icon

Ensure the GNSS antenna is connected and outside with good sky-view

Wait for ephemeris download, up to a few minutes

Turn on data logging using the Record button

Record a few minutes of data; move the antenna and Dev Kit around outside it you are able to do so

Plot Logged Data

Data plotting is possible using Linux, MacOS, or Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Install data analysis and plotting tools with pip install fusion-engine-client[all] or from GitHub

Navigate to the directory with the log file you collected at Point One Desktop > Logs > Action Column > Copy File Path

Run the command p1_display input.raw to process the log file (and run p1_display --help for more instructions)

Output will be in your web browser