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The answer is FusionEngine. It is a library that generates position information and related confidence values based on sensor inputs.

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This is the very excellent answer to this question.


What is an NTRIP?

NTRIP is great but Polaris is more great. For secure connectivity and more easily integrated libraries use Polaris libraries and mount points.

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Point One Desktop App

Standard Dev Kit

What type of antenna is needed with the P1SDK?

  • L1/L5 Antenna is required
  • LG69T supports:
  • GPS/QZSS: L1/L5 or L1/L2 (But Point One Navigation only supports L1/L5)
  • Galileo: E1; E5a
  • BDS: B1I; B2a

What messages does P1SDK support?

  • P1SDK supports Fusion Engine, NMEA, and RTCM messages
  • UART1 is configured by default to output NMEA messages at 460800 baud
  • UART2 is configured to output an interleaved stream of FusionEngine, NMEA, and RTCM(for diagnostics)

What is the output frequency of the position solution using P1SDK?

  • Default is 10Hz, but can be changes to 1Hz and 5Hz as well

What is the difference between -AP and -AM firmware?

  • -AM is purely GNSS+RTK solution

  • -AP is INS solution that utilizes GNSS+RTK+IMU in order to utilize Dead Reckoning performance

What is the default orientation of the device?

  • The positive x-axis is from the rear axle to the front of the vehicle
  • The positive y-axis is to the left side of the vehicle

What Drivers are needed for the device?

What is the default reference point for the device arms?

  • The origin of the x, y, and z is center of the rear axle of the vehicle

Where do I update the P1SDK Firmware?

  • Download firmware from under Firmware
  • In Point One Desktop Application, go to Devices Tab, and select Update
  • Click “Select File”, and select the appropriate firmware version (-AM or -AP), named quectel-lg69t-aX.A.B.C.p1fw, and click Update
  • Follow prompts on screen on when to reboot, and Update should be completed in ~5 minutes

How do I get corrections for my P1SDK?

If streaming corrections via NTRIP, what are the Mountpoint, Endpoint and Port?

  • Mountpoint is POLARIS
  • TLS Encrypted port is 2102
  • Plaintext port is 2101
  • Endpoint is