The real-time alternative to Novatel’s CPT7

Unlike the Novatel CPT7, Point One’s Atlas provides cm-accurate location in real-time, streaming off the device. This eliminates the need for clunky post-processing workflows, data processing, and nights spent waiting for results.

Atlas provides real-time, accurate location data with transparent pricing – at a fraction of the cost of a Novatel.

Technical Specifications

Point One’s Atlas INS integrates top-tier hardware with the world’s most precise RTK network and advanced Sensor Fusion algorithms. While Point One may be a more recent player in comparison to Novatel, the company has excelled in pushing the boundaries of innovation at both the software and device levels. This innovation ensures that Point One delivers real-time data accuracy on par with traditionally post-processed data.

Novatel’s CPT7 is the industry standard INS for any application that demands high-precision. By focusing on high-quality hardware, Novatel has created this standard. Novatel’s location data pipeline includes (sometimes significant) post-processing workflows, which run on PC and are required for the most-accurate position. 

Field LabelAtlas
Real Time Capability
Sensor Fusion Onboard
Onboard Ethernet and Storage
Pre-Configured/Plug and Play with RTK
RTK Included?

Atlas INS: Fleet Advantages

Every car in your fleet

Atlas is priced aggressively so you can outfit every car in your fleet with an Inertial Navigation System.

Ditch the post-processing

Ditch the complicated and clunky post-processing workflows and get accurate data right from the device.

A UI that you’ll love

Atlas uses a modern web UI and is equipped with on-device and ethernet based streaming of data.